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Stove Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Common problems with stoves that may need professional repair include:

Burners not igniting or heating: In a gas stove, this could be due to a clogged burner, a faulty igniter, or a problem with the gas supply. In an electric stove, this might be due to a broken heating element or a problem with the electrical connection.


Oven not heating or baking unevenly: This could be due to a faulty oven igniter or heating element, or a problem with the thermostat or temperature sensor.

Controls or display not working: This might be due to a problem with the control board, timer, or touchpad.

Stove making strange noises: In a gas stove, this could be due to problems with the gas burner or igniter. In an electric stove, it might be caused by issues with the elements or fans.

Gas smell from a gas stove: This could be due to a gas leak, which is a serious safety concern and should be addressed immediately.

Repairing these problems generally involves identifying the faulty part or system and then repairing or replacing it. It’s usually recommended to hire professional appliance repair technicians for this kind of work, particularly when dealing with gas or electrical components, as mishandling can lead to serious safety risks.

However, some simpler problems can be addressed with DIY repairs, such as cleaning clogged burners or replacing faulty knobs. Regardless, any work involving gas or complex electrical components should be left to professionals.

Regular maintenance can also help to keep a stove in good working order. This might include tasks like keeping the burners clean, checking the oven’s seal, and ensuring the stove is level. Preventative maintenance can help to identify potential issues early, before they become more serious and costly to repair.

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